Zamfara APC: Governor Buni Reconcile Yari, Marafa, Other Party Stakeholders

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC), Governor Mai Mala Buni has reconciled the immediate-past Governor of Zamfara State, Alh. Abdul’aziz Abubakar Yari, Sen. Kabiru Marafa and other stakeholders in the Zamfara state chapter of the party.

After a closedoor meeting held at the Party’s National Secretariat on Monday, the media was briefed on the outcomes and resolutions. Excerpts:

APC CECPC Chairman, Governor Mai Mala Buni

As you can see today, we have been able to achieve reconciliation of our stakeholders in Zamfara State and by extension the entire Zamfara APC. With this we have achieved a milestone as Caretaker Committee of this great party. Our primary mandate being reconciliation of our members across the country and rebuilding and repositioning of this party at all levels.

Former Governor of Zamfara State, Alh. Abdul’aziz Abubakar Yari

We are here on this important mission which I need not tell you what happened in Zamfara State in the past two years. This meeting lasted for not more than two to three hours and alot of things have been discussed but the most important of what is being discussed is understanding. Our coming together is paramount for any success now and in the future. We have built this party from zero level to where we are and Zamfara has ever remain ANPP- APC State and what led to that success is our coming together. So that togetherness is what we’re working to achieve in the future and this is the starting point. This is not symbolic, it’s real that we understand all of us are human beings bound to make mistakes and that mistakes can be corrected so that we can come together to achieve a target and go and bring back our party to limelight in the State and also to maintain the center. A lot of things have been said but the most important thing is we are together and this is the begining and what happened in the past will never repeat itself.

Senator Kabiru Marafa

I am delighted to be here because reconciliation is an integral part of every human endeavour. We are all human beings and we make mistakes and when mistakes happen, it is left to you to use it either as a source of strength or weakness. I hope our own mistake will serve as a source of strength for all of us and for APC itself especially and the country in general.

Our country is facing very serious challenges. Our party was given an unprecedented support that has never been given any party in Nigeria and we owe the party and Mr. President a duty to support them and support Mr. President to deliver especially for us coming from Zamfara state and the North West in particular. We are facing very serious problems and for that reason I think no amount of effort will be too much.

I received a call from my my friend and leader, the Governor of Yobe State to come and attend a meeting. Despite the short notice, I felt anybody that calls you for reconciliation meeting, he or she calls you to goodness and I attended because of that reason and I’m very happy with the robust discussions that we had in the office. I want to use this medium to tell Nigerians today we initiated the process, let me put it that way because we are not the only people we have behind us and these people have absolute confidence in all of us.

So today marks the new beginning in the chapter of APC in Zamfara State and I hope, given the assurances that I heard from various speakers during the meeting that at the end of the tunnel we would see light.

I thank everybody and I thank Nigerians for understanding with all of us especially during the period of crisis and for our supporters back home I want to assure all of them that both of us are committed to their welfare and their progress we sleep with them in our hearts and we wake up with them in our hearts. We may not necessarily measure up to their expectations because we are human beings and Zamfara is over 4 million people so there is no way we can please each and every one of them but I want to use this medium to tell them that we will do our utmost best to make sure that we carry along majority of them in whatever decision we are going to take and God is going to see us through

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